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'But concerning Egypt, I am going to speak at length, because it has the most wonders, and everywhere presents works beyond description...' ~ Herodotus

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Hello Tumblr

So finally…my very own blog! This is going to be so much fun! Be prepared for all kinds of ‘cray’ posts about Pitbull (Oh this obsession is going to reach a whole nother level!) and simply weird stuff as my life is full of these…and first and foremost Egypt(ology). When I submitted my application via UCAS 6 years ago to do Egyptology I had a plan to finish as Dr. and there was no doubt in my mind. Now I’m 1 year into my PhD and I can’t believe that I’m actually here. Shows how much ones mind power and will plays role in achieving whatever you want in life…and this is why Armando Perez (aka Pitbull) is such a big inspiration to me, my motivation, and why I love him so much.

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